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Homeopathic remedies for early stages of hemorrhoids

People with hemorrhoids don’t know they have them until they notice blood drips after or before a bowel movement. As scary as it may sound, there are homeopathic remedies like Venapro which have reversed the discomforting early stages symptoms of this ailment such as; irritation and itchiness around the anus, painful bowel movements and fecal leakage. What are hemorrhoids and what causes them?


A hemorrhoid is the downward displacement of the anal cushions caused by the degradation of the supportive and connective tissues of the anal cushion manifested as dilated veins within/around the anal area. According to studies, enzymes known as matrix metalloproteinase are overexpressed in the rectum and are responsible for damaging the supporting and connective tissues. Another factor linked to this condition is neovascularization (formation of new blood vessels) and this explains the overgrowth in the hemorrhoid tissues. Hypervascularization (abnormal formation of blood vessels) contributes to the formation of hemorrhoids as well.

Dietary factors linked to hemorrhoid include low fiber diet and spicy food. Diarrhea and any activity that may cause straining in bowel movement is a risk factor in the formation of hemorrhoids. This is because the shearing force it exerts on the anal cushions may cause scarring and bleeding: This is why people report blood drips during hemorrhoid diagnosis.  

The effectiveness of homeopathic remedies

Homeopathic is an alternative medicine that involves a holistic treatment of an ailment. It does not only treat the symptoms, but it also addresses the root of the problem thereby offering a long-term and permanent solution to a disease. The approach of Venapro to hemorrhoids is homeopathic such that the symptom of bleeding is treated as hemorrhage. The pain is treated as an injury such that the medication works to cure all internal injuries and those at the anal cushions. Enlargement of veins that appear as varicose is also treated. Those who have used Venapro have found relieve within a week and their symptoms have completely disappeared.