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How to fight hormonal body acne

Acne breakout is a common hormonal problem across the globe. At adrenarche (sexual maturation stage, also known as puberty), keratinocytes and sebocytes have an increased sensitivity to circulating dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate hormone. This leads to the proliferation of keratinocytes (epidermal cells that produce keratin) and sebocytes cause an increase in the secretion of sebum. This sebum is exposed to microbes, oxidation and this increases the risk of skin inflammation. The result of this process manifests itself on the skin in form of blackheads, whiteheads, pimples as well as scarring (due to itchiness).


It can be uncomfortable walking around with acne but it is in human nature to find solutions to every problem; that is why we have products like Acnezine to help us fight hormonal body acne. Some of the solutions to fight hormonal body acne include:


  • Bilberry extract


This extract contains anthocyanins which have anti-inflammatory properties.  Pectin is another compound in bilberry which clears toxins that may be caused by microbes on the skin. Vitamins C and E are strong antioxidants they prevent the oxidative stress of free radicals on sebum thus reducing and preventing further formation of acne.


  • Sage leaf extract


This extract is rich in calcium and vitamin A. It contains anti-microbial properties thus fights off bacteria that may cause acne. The calcium in sage leaf is essential in repairing the skin caused by acne lesions and regenerating skin cells thus exposing fresh and smooth skin.


  • Witch Hazel


It is rich in tannins making it a great astringent. One of the symptoms of acne is oily skin. Astringents help in drying up excess oil and minimize pores thus decreasing the chances of the skin being clogged up.


The components discussed here clear acne on the outside. As mentioned above, Acnezine is a product which has proved to be very effective in acne management.  It not only contains ingredients mentioned here, it also comes in tablet form to help fight acne from the inside caused by hormones. Do not suffer in silence with acne. There is a solution for you. Use this product daily for long-term results.