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The connection between living conditions and toenail infection

Brittleness, change in color of the toenails, or pain are some of the common symptoms of toenail infection. Toenail infection is known as onychomycosis and is caused by the excessive growth of fungi within or outside the nail. Fungi that are present in the body may cause nail infections too. It could also be as a result of a combination of bacteria and yeast. Do your living conditions influence the growth or the spread of toenail infection?


What is the connection between living conditions and toenail infection?

As you can find on ZetaClear website, fungi thrive in warm and moist conditions especially in regions with poor air circulation such as the toenails. People who wear closed shoes regularly and those with sweaty feet are at a risk of toenail infection. Any environment that could trap moisture in your toes such as the beach and people who constantly work in water are prone to toenail infection as well. Excessive moisture weakens the cuticle’s barrier allowing bacteria and fungi to grow in the nail and the surrounding area thus causing an infection. Toenail infection is contagious as well. As mentioned above, fungi thrive best in a warm and moist environment. If you visit the shower or the beach without slippers/sandals, your feet will come into contact with fungi. Disinfected shared objects for a pedicure in the salon may spread fungi to the feet as well.

As mentioned above, toenail infection may arise from the overgrowth of fungi in the body. There are conditions which influence the growth of fungi in the body such as obesity and diabetes. These two conditions are linked to poor circulation in the body thereby almost impossible to avoid fungi growth in the body.  Our diet such as foods with high sugar may also influence the growth of fungi in the body.

Yes! There is a connection between living conditions and toenail infection.

The solution to toenail infection

There is no better way to fight toenail infection than using ZetaClear two-step treatment which works from the inside to the outside. Other treatments have been inefficient in toenail infection treatment because they focus on external fungal treatment. But ZetaClear’s topical solution fights external nail infection, and its homeopathic oral spray stops the growth and kills fungi within the body. Grow back your nails in weeks with this efficient long-term toenail infection solution.